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A toxic working environment, bad boss or low wage aren't the only reason to look for a career change. Calibre Search highlights some of the less recognisable signs that you might be in the wrong job.

Everyone has those days where snoozing your alarm is essential, where the temptation for a duvet day and binge watching orange is the new black seems far too tempting.

Then there are the days when nothing seems to go right, you turn up late, with coffee on your white shirt and a to-do list metres long. There is no getting around those days, we all have them, it is part of working life, however, there is a difference between a bad day and a bad job.

A bad day can be fixed by a long walk, a nice meal or simply a better day the day after. A bad job is a little harder to fix. Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what is making you feel unhappy, and often it’s not that the job is bad it’s simply not right for you.

So, when is the job not right for you? We all know the obvious signs of a bad job, a negative working environment or a disrespectful boss, but what about for a bad fit? Here are 4 signs you’re ready for a change, they may seem trivial or small but they can impact your day-to-day working life and could be a call for change.


We are all guilty of a little social media jelousy, the friends the followers who seem to constantly travel to exotic locations, drinking cocktails or hitting the gym, but sometimes a little jealousy can be a sign for change and give you the inspiration and ideas you need. 

Friends and followers who seem to constantly travel to exotic locations, drinking cocktails or hitting the gym, but sometimes a little jealousy can be a sign for change.

With more access to other people’s lives we also are free to view careers, opportunities and companies we never knew existed.

Who knew there was a job as a bike designer, which includes travelling to cycling events across the globe testing out bikes on some of the best tracks worldwide? Well Peter from you English Class in 1992 is doing that now.

If you are envious of the careers of your followers, or a few in individuals in particular, that maybe be a signs you’ve lost the enthusiasm for your own job and it could be worth seeing what else is out there…

The Unsolicited Wise Owl

A young office has its perks, enthusiasm and hardworking newbie’s can mean innovative ideas and the company keeping up to date with new industry trends, but for the longstanding members of the team it could mean more work.

You become the support, advisor and tutor of the team without the pay package and title to match. But don’t jump ship straight away! Often the senior team members will have noticed you are taking on a bigger role. Make sure you discuss your concerns with them and whether you want the pressure reduced or a more formal acknowledgement of your new responsibilities, being up front and honest could pay off.

If you’ve had the discussion and nothing has changed it could be your talent and expertise could be better utilised elsewhere.

Sick of the typical 9-5

The 9-5 job works for a lot of people but there is a tendency for it do get tedious. Without a bit of variety, it’s easy to lose interest. This might seem a normal part of working life but companies are starting to buck the trend and you could benefit from the change.

In an effort to entice fresh staff new and growing employers are offering perks to tackle to 9-5 boredom. Companies are now providing new and exciting incentives for staff which can be worthwhile watching out for.

Extra holidays, free lunches, training courses, gym time at work and volunteering days are all on offer to bring in new employees. A healthy work/life balance is key to happy workers so keep an eye out, you never know you could be eating sushi for lunch after a swim and a sauna on a Tuesday afternoon!

I Just Can’t Put My Finger On It

Don’t underestimate your talent! Sometimes the fits just not right, you can’t quite see why but you may not feel valued, inspired or enthusiastic about work. Don’t lose faith in your career choice!

Make sure you always have an up to date CV, the job of your dreams could be just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out. Recruiters are always looking for new talent and although you might not be able to find anything right for you, agencies have a pool of clients that might be searching for someone just like you!

If finding a new job seems exciting but you aren’t sure where to start then we could help you. We specialise in Built Environment Consultancy, Built Environment Contractors, HVAC / Refrigeration / Maintenance, I.T. and Marketing and could be your first step to reaching your potential, call us on 0333 323 0733 or email

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