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This week we have spoken to our team of Quantity Surveyor recruitment specialists to pick their brains to provide you with the best interview tips for your next interview. 


mark brennanMark Brennan 

Associate Director - Civil Engineering, Building, and Housing Contractors

0113 234 6047


Impress with Your Network

You know the importance and benefit of a strong network in this industry so don’t forget about it in the interview! When talking about your projects and experience mention the contractors you have worked with and the positive relationships you have built in previous roles. You will be able to impress the interviewer with your vast network and bring additional benefits to the company.

Know Your Day to Day Activities and Extended Responsibilities

In a lot of the feedback, we receive from clients they say many candidates are unable to accurately outline their day to day responsibilities in their current role. It might seem simple, but it is easy to forget the smaller tasks you are responsible for which makes a big difference to the success of a project. Before the interview, note down a typical day in your current position, from start to finish, meaning it will stay fresh in your mind and will also allow you to point out any responsibilities you have that are beyond the typical scope of a quantity surveyor. Interviewers love candidates who take on additional responsibilities.

Flip the Interview

Another comment used to describe a typical quantity surveyor interview is ‘Binary’. Interviewers will tend to follow a similar line of questioning: What Projects have you worked on? What were your responsibilities?  Try to stand out by flipping the conversation to being company entred. Talk about the project you would be working on in the new business then point to the skills, responsibilities, and experience you have that would benefit that project. You will show you have done your research and are company focused.

Be Prepared For a New Style of Industry

The industry has changed a lot in recent years. Companies are less likely to offer large bonus schemes or company cars now and put a bigger focus on company values and visions., this can come as a surprise to experienced surveyors so try to prepare as best you can. Know the values of your previous employer and have examples of how you portrayed those values in your day to day work. Sometimes bonus schemes or company visions, goals and values are not very clear when researching a company and can be very important when choosing which companies to apply for; Using a good recruiter can help filter through companies to find the best one to fit your goals and expectations. On top of that, they can further your knowledge of the business that will make you extra prepared if offered an interview.

Talk About Progression

An interest in progression is a good sign in any interview but particularly for a quantity surveyor. Your professionalism and expertise will be used to win over projects and pitch to potential clients so if you are keen to develop in the industry make sure you talk about it. If you are studying or hoping to study in the future make sure you know the details that will interest the interviewer. What it will cost them; When you expect to complete it or how long it will take; and what benefits that will give to the company. If you have career goals, ask the right questions to show your intent, ask about career progression, routes to particular roles and the future projects of the company. Once again, showing your interest and commitment to the company.

Follow Up Email

It is simple, but many people forget to do it. Sending a follow-up email thanking them for their time and consideration shows your professionalism and communication skills. Giving an insight into how you operate as a surveyor.

Have a Well Organised Portfolio

A portfolio is not essential for an interview for a Quantity Surveyor, but it is a great tool: Firstly, having physical examples of the projects you have worked on will provide clarity and context for the interviewer; Secondly, it helps to create a more conversational structure within the interview; and finally it is a great aid to remind you of details and statistics from previous projects.

Speak to one of our Quantity Surveyor recruitment specialists to find out how they can help you find the right job for your career progression by looking at our quantity surveyor jobs here, dropping us an email or give us a call on 0333 323 0733.

Meet Our Team

mark brennanMark Brennan 

Associate Director - Civil Engineering, Building, and Housing Contractors

0113 234 6047


nick rhodes

Nick Rhodes

Managing Consultant- Property

0113 234 6047



rob hayton

Rob Hayton

Recruitment Consultant - Surveying/Project Management

0161 660 2360

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